Panel Japan Co., Ltd.

Welcome to Panel Japan!


Panel Japan was founded in Tokyo in 2011. The main business of Panel Japan is the export of the latest Japanese health food and cosmetic ingredients and finished products to overseas markets.

Japan-made health food and cosmetic raw materials are famous for their high quality and rich variety. As a supplier of Japan-made raw materials of health foods and cosmetic applications, we have a good assortment of goods, and some of those come from manufacturers with GMP, ISO or HALAL certificates.

The Japan-made health foods and cosmetics are reputed to be safe and effective, which is why they are trusted by people all over the world. Our affiliated manufacturer is certified by GMP or ISO with decades of expertise to guarantee top quality. Besides, we provide consulting and make proposals according to customer's demands based on our rich experience in the field and constant observation of the market. From planning to finished products, we make every effort to response to customer's requests quickly, efficiently and precisely.

We hope we can become the bridge between Japan and all over the world.

Our Alibaba Booth:


2024/10/9 Exhibit in "Fi Vietnam 2024" in Vietnam.
2024/7/25 Exhibit in "BIO Asia-Taiwan 2024" in Taiwan.
2024/6/19 Exhibited in "HNC 2024" in China.
2023/7/27 Exhibited in "BIO Asia-Taiwan 2023" in Taiwan.
2023/6/19 Exhibited in "HNC 2023" in China.