OEM ServiceOEM Service

OEM Service of Supplements and Cosmetics

Japanese made health food supplements and cosmetics are famous for their high quality. These products are not only popularly sold in Japan, but also in Asia, USA and Europe.

We have well established the supply channels with Japanese GMP manufacturers to provide Japanese made health food supplements and cosmetics based on customer requirements (OEM business). We have already exported the following products to overseas markets by customer's brands:

Health Food Supplements: Soft Capsule, Hard Capsule, Tablet, Grain (Powder), Drink

Cosmetics: Essence, Lotion, Cream, Face Mask

Ultimately, we aim to establish a long term trustworthy and reliable partnership with our customers in the world.

Nana's Wonderland Marine CollagenNana's Wonderland Marine Collagen

The Ocean is the source of life to all being, the beginning of all nature, taking up 70% of the total surface of our mother Earth. Sky blue, vast and with no boundaries, the Ocean contains the mystery of life and all its beginnings. It is the cradle of life!

The creation of Nana’s Wonderland Marine Collagen begun as a gift of love.

Our aim is to provide guaranteed safe health supplements for the ones we care. We hope to go back to nature, and what it provides best for us. From the raw ingredients to processing of the powder, we only choose the best! 100% pure collagen from the Deep Sea  Alaska Cod, with no additives, and 100% made in Japan. This most exquisite and wonderful produce is all out of our love and care for our beloved nature and mankind.

Nana's Wonderland Marine Collagen Website: http://www.nanas-wonderland.com/